Wallpaper EOJ Space Jam 2

270 lei /mp

Children’s imagination transcends the boundaries that we adults can grasp. They travel anywhere only with the power of thought, and tell everything down to the smallest detail, wondering if he wasn’t really where he says he was. Well, our Space Jam wallpaper will help him travel even easier in the boundless Universe.


Wallpaper EOJ Space Jam 2

270 lei /mp

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Your child’s room is his first story… Choose to send him into space, to swim with whales or to create adventures on mountain ridges. Miaki wallpaper animates the walls and takes the little ones to the most fascinating lands of the imagination. Our models allow you to accessorize the walls with other elements, and the wide range of colors and stories suits any context.

Unique in Romania, the wallpaper with an extremely natural fabric dresses your wall like a coat and covers up every imperfection hidden underneath. We print everything in one piece, which makes the assembly very easy. If you’re a handy person you can easily put it on yourself.

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